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Dr. med. Ralf Bitter
Dr. med. Günther Schumann
Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie
Pharmakologisches Studienzentrum
Ralf Bodenschatz
Arzneimittelforschung Leipzig GmbH
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Gertz
Neurologie und Psychiatrie,
klinische Geriatrie
PD Dr. med. Klaus- Chr. Steinwachs
Somni bene GmbH
Priv.-Doz. MUDr. Heike Benes
Neurologie und Psychiatrie/Psychotherapie,
Dr. med. Joachim Springub
PD Dr. med. Rolf Beier
FA Wolfgang Schwarz
Medizinisches Studienzentrum
Dr. K.-U. Oehler Ch. Helbig
Study centre (City): Bochum
Responsible doctors: Dr. med. Ralf Bitter
Dr. med. Günter Schumann
Address: Castroper Hellweg 422
44805 Bochum (Germany)
Phone: 0234 - 85 43 43
Fax.: 0234 - 85 43 18
Main focus: Wide experience in the treatment of dementia and diagnostics, depression, psychoses, epilepsy. The whole area of neurology and psychiatry are also investigatedt
Description: Neurological psychiatric practice with large catchment area and very good contact to doctors from other fields. Location is easy to reach,
Tram stop in front of the door
Special equipment: Fully-equipped laboratory with various freezers and centrifuges. Own ECG (12 derivations) available
Fully-computerized practice, each workplace has DSL-Internet connection with flatrate. EEG, AEP, VEP, SSEP, Doppler sonography, EMG and ENG Clinical-psychological test laboratory also in the practice
Operating experiences at clinical studies (years): 15 years, up to now 100 courses, including many as leader ( LKP),
There is also wide experience with the implementation of studies with electronic CRF. Internet-supported
Furthermore Dr.Schumann is active as Consultant for the Pharmastar Inc. ( Wayne, USA ) with the certification of German. trainee doctors
Number of doctors: 2, at any time additional experienced doctors can be added upon request ( e.g. for CIBIC and the like)
Number of studynurses: 2, with a large volume of work up to 3 nurses can be added. These already have experience
Number of neuropsychologists: 1, based on a fee
Number of other stuff: There is excellent cooperation with neuroradiological practices especially the Bochum neurological-psychiatric university clinic
Number of current studies: On average 5 – 10 studies run paralleI. It is clear that the indications do not overlap
Number of patients: In total approx. 1100 patients are present. The practice has been distinguished several times as world leader in the area of international studies