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Dr. med. Ralf Bitter
Dr. med. Günther Schumann
Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie
Pharmakologisches Studienzentrum
Ralf Bodenschatz
Arzneimittelforschung Leipzig GmbH
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Gertz
Neurologie und Psychiatrie,
klinische Geriatrie
PD Dr. med. Klaus- Chr. Steinwachs
Somni bene GmbH
Priv.-Doz. MUDr. Heike Benes
Neurologie und Psychiatrie/Psychotherapie,
Dr. med. Joachim Springub
PD Dr. med. Rolf Beier
FA Wolfgang Schwarz
Medizinisches Studienzentrum
Dr. K.-U. Oehler Ch. Helbig
Study centre (City): Leipzig
Responsible doctors: Dr. Erik Strauß
Dr. for Neurology
Additional qualification:
Pain therapist
Emergency medical aid + Manual medicine
Medical director at MVZ

Dr. Birk Eggers
Dr. for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Dr. for Neurology, Emergency medical aid
Practise of SHI Physicians
Address: AFL - Arzneimittelforschung Leipzig GmbH
Paul-Gruner-Str. 63
04107 Leipzig (Germany)
Phone: +49 (341) 9 10 48 84
Fax.: +49 (341) 9 10 48 85
Email: AFL:
Mrs. Gunhild Gertz,
Managing Director:
Main focus: Dementia, Depression, Multiple sclerosis, Panic disorders, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and also the whole field of Psychiatry, Neurology and Pain therapy
Description: Study practice, located centrally and easy to reach, handicapped accessible, parking area in front of the centre.
Special equipment: Fully-equipped laboratory with refrigerators and freezers, centrifuge, own ECG (12 derivations), Fully-computerized practice, every workplace with DSL Internet connection, neuro-psychiatric test laboratory
Operating experiences at clinical studies (years): Since its foundation in 2003 Arzneimittelforschung Leipzig GmbH has conducted 85 studies of phase 1-4 and was several times centre with the best number of recruitments in Germany and Europe.
Number of doctors: The centre has two test doctors. Upon request.additional test doctors can be included at short notice
Number of studynurses: The centre has four study-nurses with experience in clinical studies for over 10 years - also as qualified councilors in neurologic-psychiatric studies.
Number of neuropsychologists: An employed graduate neuropsychologist.
Cooperations: There is good cooperation with colleagues from other practices from various fields.
Number of current studies: 5 - 10 courses running parallel
Number of patients: 70 patients are currently involved in studies.